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201 North George Street, Rome New York Corner of Liberty St - One Block from City Hall



When in Rome.....

Do as the Romans and many other service station enthusiasts do.  Come visit a one of a kind completely restored 1929 Historic Service Station.  Nowhere will you find such an authentic restoration.  Built by Howard P. Sears Sr., this was the 2nd station in a chain of many to come.   Come visit us and relive the memories of a simpler time.   This was an era when the owners and operators took pride in servicing the public and architecture.




What to Expect......

On the outside you'll find a pair of restored Clock Face gas pumps built by Martin & Swartz sitting on a reconstructed crescent shaped pump island and a set of authentic light poles and fixtures.  Sitting on the top of the pumps are colorful illuminated glass globes which bring the pump island to life.  Each pump has a visible sight glass that allowed the gas to flow through while turning a small impeller indicating that product was indeed flowing.  On the corner, a magnificent fluted tapered boom style sign pole with a pair of original SEARS Oval signs hang over an air scale made by the Toledo Air Scale Company.  The signs are illuminated with porcelain reflector shades mounted on cantilevered arms.  The Air tower has a retractable hose reel in it's belly and an attractive illuminated globe, this rare scale sits on a reconstructed tapered concrete base. 

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To the left of the building is a drive over Oil Change pit.  Nothing against today's Quick change oil locations, but this was being done 75 years ago at the HP Sears Oil Service station. The pit allowed a car to drive onto a set of steel ramps that spanned the pit leaving the entire undercarriage of the vehicle accessible from in the pit.  The service attendant could now use the convenient stairs located at the head of the pit to walk down under the car and change the oil.  There was a tethered funnel mounted on the pit wall that emptied into a underground storage tank alleviating the need to handle or carry used oil for the work station.  Various grades of Sears Branded oils were available at the pit from underground storage tanks.  Another Toledo Scale air scale is mounted on a platform adjacent to the pit as a convenience to both the attendant or customer to add air to their tires while getting an Oil change.  This scale is very unique as it has a balancing arm scale behind glass that claimed to actually weighed your air before dispensing it.  Although not illuminated, another authentic light pole and fixture stands next to the scale.

On the building sidewalk located each side of the building sets a pair of restored Erie Clock face pumps very similar to the ones on the Pump Island.  These too have the colorful illuminated globes mounted on top.  Between the four pumps, various grades of Gasoline and Kerosene were offered.  Two fully reconstructed fences that doubled as billboards flag the building like wings.  Each billboard fence has an advertising sign located in the center with original ad phrases and are illuminated by cantilevered porcelain shades as well.

The building itself is a thing of beauty with its orange tile roof, brilliant white stucco exterior and curved fascia.  Colorful red and blue porcelain tiles trim the building while rows of incandescent lights mounted under the eaves light the building like a monument.  Inside expect to find a wide variety of period orientated items form a radiator nozzle spout to a wind up time clock.  Hand crank style pumps mounted on the floor fed from underground tanks delivered oil for customers.  The showcases are filled with nostalgic items of the past.


Sign our guest book and chat with our knowledgeable volunteer staff, there are endless artifacts to view and reminisce over.



Open to the Public for your Pleasure

May 15th - September 15th    M - F 10:00 - 4:00

Sept 16th - May14th by appointment

                        Call Pat Corbett @ 315-336-0527


Located on


201 N. George Street

Rome, New York 13440

On the corner of Liberty Street

Only a few blocks from City Hall and Historic Ft. Stanwix


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